The Tinervin Family

The Tinervin Family


I am very excited about the formation of The Tinervin Family Foundation that was founded in 2016. My family has been involved in serving the community for a couple of generations. Over the past 20 years, my family has been involved in many initiatives that involves universities, local organizations, etc.

I have enclosed some information about the Foundation that will update you on the past initiatives, current programs and our vision for the future. The Tinervin Family has given over 2 million dollars over the last 20 years to these initiatives. Much of the money has been given to universities for scholarships, facilities, operations, etc. Going forward, we will be concentrating our time and money in our local community.

We are very dedicated in positively impacting underserved families in our community by supporting programming opportunities and increasing access to resources through partnerships focused on improving quality of life.

We are committed to promoting access and positive change as well as enriching the lives of others through broad-impact community outreach. The Tinervin Family Foundation is also providing advocacy and support to our local recovering community.

The Tinervin Family Foundation is currently involved in providing food, clothing and scholarships to underserved families. We will be increasing these opportunities through current & future partnerships with organizations that are already providing these services, but these partners need additional funding, expertise and infuence.

I encourage you to please mark your calendar and plan on the attending the First Annual Golf Classic. Please invite your friends, family, clients and employees to join in this year’s event.

I want to thank you in advance for your participation in this event, which will help strengthen and enrich our community.


Thank you,

Jeffrey M. Tinervin
Director, Tinervin Family Foundation