Our Newest Partnership & Initiative

Western Ave Community Center

Western Ave Community Center

The foundation highly values its relationship with Western Avenue. This non-profit organization which offers many programs to support members of our community is a staple in our community. The Tinervin Family Foundation has pledged $150,000 providing new: 

  • Building Signage
  • Landscaping
  • Website Design 

We are also helping to improve their day-to-day operations by introducing new technology, improved accounting practices and more to make things more efficient. This means we can better handle doner's money and create new partnerships.

Recently, the foundation also added $100,000 to Western Avenue’s 2023 operating account.

New 4.5 million dollar building expansion will promote current and future initiatives resulting in building youth and family. A community-based team will oversee community-based fundraising and construction of new expansion. This center is the launching pad to help the youth and families. We can’t reach and help as many people on the west-side of Bloomington without Western Ave. Community Center. That part of our community is where help is needed the most.

Helping make Western Avenue Community Center better than ever is our goal!


Testimonial from The Board President of Western Avenue Community Center: 


Jeff Tinervin and I go way back to 6th grade playing basketball wherever there was a playground. We recently reunited in an effort to tackle food insecurity in our community and the partnership with “The Tinervin Family Foundation” and Western Avenue Community Center is growing stronger every day. Western Avenue has long been an organization located on the west side of Bloomington on the corner of Western Avenue and Locust street. In fact, we are celebrating 95 years at the same location this year. Through our recent partnership, I have learned so much about Tinervin Family Foundation and the amazing work they do in the community. We are privileged to be working with them to uplift the underserved in our community to create impactful outcomes. On the horizon is assistance with all of our programming and plans to create a jobs program supported by the necessary educational and training offerings. Lasting change is hard work and it takes collaboration, leadership and communication to bring together the right people to make it happen. Jeff knows the right people and we are anxious to move forward.


Michael Jones

Board President

Western Avenue Community Center

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